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You may be on the lookout for the latest addition to your dolls collection, and if so, now is the perfect time to shop.  With the holidays fast approaching, not only can you find doll collectibles for yourself, but you can also take care of holiday gift giving with beautiful dolls for everyone on your list.  There are a wide variety of dolls available sure to appeal to many people with discerning tastes.

Cultural dolls always make an interesting addition to a collection. There are many of this type to choose from, including African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Russian and religious styles.  The Sacred Maidens line might appeal to Native American enthusiasts.  Here you will find the stunning "Love Takes Wing" Porcelain bride doll, as well as three featured collections that include the Lee Bogle "Spirit In The Sky", "Thorns of Love" Tattoo Art-Inspired Porcelain, and Medicine Woman Ball-Jointed collections.  

Fantasy collections are also lovely to look at.  Fairies and Goth styles reign supreme here, and you will discover that noted designers such as Nene Thomas, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Sandra Bilotto all offer extensive lines of their wares in this style. "Emily The Strange" is another Goth-inspired line that offers free accessories to use with this posable doll.

Fashion models are also popular among doll collectors.  Disney offers several notable ones, including Hannah Montana Posable Doll with Wigs and Outfits, Princess Tiana Bayou Wedding Dress Articulated Doll, Royal Disney Princess Ball-Jointed Doll, and Poseable Mickey and Minnie sets.  Under the fashion label you will also find Gothic-looking styles.  Delilah Noir offers a Vampire Ball-jointed style, and there are Gothic Brides of Dracula Poseable Fashion collections.  There are even Vampire collections with interchangeable faceplates for your amusement.

It is also possible to find plush style collectible dolls.  Teddy bears and animals, including Portuguese Water dogs, Koala bears, Pandas, Lions, as well as lifelike Monkey baby models can be added to your collection for a touch of fun and whimsy in your collection.

A Bride doll also makes a beautiful addition to your collection.  There are models depicted in hand-painted porcelain, which also sport real glass eyes.  The dress itself is another glorious consideration, because upper-end styles have been crafted with beadwork, sequins, silver trims and pearls throughout the ensemble.  

The best place to find doll collectibles is to visit your favorite fine collectibles website.  Here you will be able to shop at your leisure, and look up all the descriptions and features for each doll that is of interest.

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Doll Collectibles For Every Collector

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This article was published on 2010/11/28