Learning The Art Of Reborn Doll Making

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Doll-making is not an activity that is just exclusive for those who want to make a profit out of it.  Most especially, it is not exclusive to doll manufacturers.  Young children can even get into doll making through creating their own paper dolls to sewing their rag or cloth dolls.  Doll-making is primarily an art which encourages people to be more creative and innovative in their techniques.  With the help of the internet, the interest for dolls are not just for children who just wants to play them and these are not just only for collectors who simply want to acquire them for display. 

Dolls have now been a popular medium for artists who want to show their creativity and create dolls with realistic aesthetics.  Thus, the passion for doll-making has developed into a passion for making them life-like.  The surge of interest on reborn and newborn dolls has prompted several doll makers to cater to those people who want to learn the art of reborning and newborning.  These enthusiasts and artists have a myriad of resources online where they can learn and hone their craft of newborning and reborning.

There are online tutorials that are offered for free by other doll makers and reborn artists.  It may not be easy at first but the steps are not too complicated especially if you are willing to learn.  The materials used for these dolls are not hard to find and learners would not even have to worry about molding and sculpting doll components and parts to start with.  Popular doll manufacturers who have already engaged in the business of creating character baby dolls have ventured into designing reborn and newborn doll kits for enthusiasts to customize their own dolls.

Known companies that have been around for a couple of decades now and still providing these materials are Berenguer, Preemie, and Secrist.  There are also artists who have already made their name in making their own doll molds and sculptures and who can provide interested reborners and newborners the doll parts.  For those learners who do not want to watch videos tutorial and read articles about reborning and newborning, they can join classes where the lessons can cost $ 200 to $ 400. 

The good things about joining classes is that you get to immediately have a hands-on learning on how to properly assemble, paint, and root doll hair.  The cost even already includes the doll kit which you will have to work on to start learning the art of doll-making specifically life-like baby dolls.

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Learning The Art Of Reborn Doll Making

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This article was published on 2012/08/13