New Era Dolls: Collecting Dolls With Tattoos

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Most people always have a fascination for dolls. Artists and collectors, aside from children, are probably the two groups who find more uses to dolls than just being an entertainment piece. They find that these dolls are work of art and that there is an aesthetic value to it. The uses of dolls are limitless and these are even used in animation and photography. Yet the most interesting application of artwork on dolls is the tattoo. There are quality porcelain dolls sporting a tattoo which provides a more individualized characteristic to these tiny representations of the human anatomy.

There are dolls that are adorned with tattoos in tattoo conventions and people who loves tattoos find it intriguing on how the ink are detailed on the dolls’ small bodies. Some porcelain, vinyl, and cloth dolls have tattoos that are directly painted on the surface of its materials. However, there is absolutely a more skillful way of applying the tattoo on the porcelain surface of a doll. In porcelain dolls, the tattoos are carved with a needle while it is still soft before baking the piece. Afterwards, the paint is added on the carving which results to more definition and depth than just merely painting the design on the flat porcelain surface.

A more realistic approach has also been observed with the application of these tattoos on porcelain ball jointed dolls. The tattoos make the handcrafted pieces more human like and make it as the best medium for doll animation. Yet, the intricate details spent on these tattoos make the doll more valuable and it is like adding art to art itself. The two art forms of doll-making and tattoo art are intertwined in one piece. Some samples of these pieces can be found at Enchanted Doll.

If you see the Enchanted Doll’s creation, you will find that these tattoo carvings even extend to the smallest finger on the doll. The creation of these pieces is not intended for children at all. Adult collectors and art enthusiasts will appreciate the art form of tattooed dolls more than anyone else. Definitely, porcelain dolls with tattoos will have a special place in a collector’s glass display cabinet. The difficulty of forming the doll’s body to the details on its anatomy and then the addition of carved tattoos make these dolls one of a kind. The uniqueness of each piece due to the addition of the tattoos assures the collector that no pieces are alike.

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New Era Dolls: Collecting Dolls With Tattoos

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New Era Dolls: Collecting Dolls With Tattoos

This article was published on 2012/08/10