Reborn Dolls - Buyer Pitfalls

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Reborn Dolls - Avoiding buyer pitfalls

So your one of those ladies that's would love to buy a reborn baby. You like the idea of owning your own precious baby that doesn't cry, soil its nappy or grow up to be a spotty teenager.

If you've got this far you will know enough to understand they are expensive. Of course to make a realistic reborn doll takes time and time is money. Hours and days pass while individually plugging each hair into a reborn dolls head to create an intricate head of hair. Time is spent multi layering the paint to give that realistic skin appearance. Clothes are painstakingly picked to enhance the overall look of the doll. So for the effort involved don't expect to adopt a lifelike doll for under $300, and you may have to pay double that and more if you buy an experienced skilled artists work.

So, if you are going to purchase a reborn doll, don't instantly look for a low priced one. More times than not you only really get what you pay for especially when it comes to reborns. 

Finding a Doll

Where do you go buy your doll? Well the first and last place will likely be the famous eBay auction site. Its fair and upfront, has a buyer protection system and you can check out the individuals artists experience, previous work and buyer feedback. There are also hundreds of dolls listed. You will see a variety of artists selling there dolls from newbies to more experienced artists. 

I know some reborn doll collectors who have been ripped off by artists who have taken their hard earned money and not sent their order. Bankruptcy, stress or just many deposits taken have resulted in the artist either unable to cope or going under.  This usually happens when a buyer approaches an artist thought their website privately without any basic protection..

Buying a reborn

If you get to the exciting moment of finding that special baby. Its time to stop and think before proceeding. If the information is not listed on the auction you need to ask the artist some questions.

 Make sure you know the following minimum facts before proceeding any further.

  • How long has the artist been reborning and do they have a portfolio?
  • Is the doll micro rooter Each hair hand rooted individually with a needle)
  • Are the dolls clothes new and are they quality branded items?
  • How is the baby weighted? poly pellets, sand, glass granules etc?
  • Check out the artists ebay feedback thoroughly. Look for previous dolls and their sale prices.
  • Does the doll come with an authenticity certificate as proof of purchase.
  • How will the doll be sent to you and will it be tracked?
The nucleus to this article is to follow the famous words caveat emptor or 'let the buyer beware'. There has been a gold rush over the last couple of years where inexperienced reborn artist and even charlatans have left people disappointed. Doll collectors have ended up with unrealistic dolls or at worst heart broken with nothing.

Please take your time and do a little homework before buying your precious baby. You will be glad you did!!!

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Reborn Dolls - Buyer Pitfalls

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This article was published on 2010/03/29