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Are you fond of horror movies? There are lots of people who have a fascination for the horror movies and they love the characters present in these movies. There is a wide range of horror movies that have released throughout these years.

Some of these movies are huge hit and people do not leave a chance to watch them again and again. But there are others who do not like this kind of film because they are usually scared of these horror flicks.

If you are a lover of these kinds of films then you can surely get certain kinds of memorabilia which will remind you of these movies. You might be aware of the scary dolls that are available in the market. These kinds of dolls have been in the market for a long time.

When a horror movie releases a doll is created as homage to the characters of the films. There are lots of people who usually love to collect this kind of dolls. There are various lines of horror dolls.

One of the most popular lines of scary dolls is the living dead dolls. These dolls are designed in the United States. The toy company which manufactures it started creating this line since 2000. Since then this line of toys has been the number one horror toy in the country.

You might be interested in the origin of these toys. The toy first appeared in the year 1998 in America. These dolls can be customized and they are usually known as handmade by the collectors as well as the fans. Previously these handmade dolls did not have any name.

But later on they were given names according to their costuming and design. The commonly seen handmade doll is a girl doll known as Sadie. This doll wears black dress and has black hair but has a white collar. Another doll which is somewhat similar to Sadie is sin.

This doll wears a red dress and has a tail and devil horns. Other popular scary dolls available in the living dead toy line are Posey, Bad habit and Eggzorcist. These dolls were usually the earlier version of handmade.

The latest version of this toy line includes tall lady, unnamed witch doll and candy rotten. After 2001 there were at least 20 series of handmade dolls which were released in the market. These series were usually based on different things.

Other than this series there was another series which was known as the miniature series. Another series of scary dolls were known as the fashion victims. The living dead series became so popular that it was even used as Christmas gifts.

In the beginning they were not thought of as Christmas gifts but later it was include among the Christmas gifts because of its popularity. Most of these dolls are usually made for the children. But there are certain dolls which are not meant for them. Chucky is one of the horror dolls meant for the adults only.

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Scary Dead Dolls

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This article was published on 2010/10/01