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The Fulper Pottery Company was established in 1805 in Flemington, New Jersey.  However, it was not initially known as a doll manufacturer and was instead known for its usable wares and pottery art.  Its venture to doll manufacturing only started during the World War I when there was a shortage in imports at that time.  The company decided to start manufacturing dolls in 1918 but it only lasted until 1921.  The Fulper Pottery’s dolls were not significantly made of good quality although there are some pieces that can be considered as finely designed and crafted.  Nonetheless, as most would consider it, the Fulper Pottery may as well be known for its historical contributions than its artistic value.

The company made doll heads that were patterned after German molds and also American molds from companies such as Horsman and Amberg.  Fulper produced doll heads and other doll parts for other popular doll companies, thus you may usually find Fulper’s label along with another doll manufacturer’s label.  The doll sizes made by Fulper were: 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”, and 26”.  For interested collectors who want to acquire Fulper dolls, expect a price range of $ 350 to $1,700 for a good condition doll with its original wardrobe.  An additional $500 is tagged on the price for a Fulper jointed toddler body doll.

Here are some characteristics of the Fulper dolls:

  1. Socket Head Dolly Face Doll – The doll was made of composition jointed body with a bisque socket head.  It was also made with glass eyes, feathered brows and long lashes, mohair wig, blushed cheeks, open mouth with teeth, and marked with “Fulper Made in USA”.
  2. Shoulder Head Dolly Face Doll – This doll was made with a kid body, bisque should head, composition or bisque lower arms, open mouth with molded teeth showing, and then the doll was marked with “Fulper Made in USA”.
  3. Character Baby Doll – This doll was made of composition body with a character bisque socket head.  Its head was designed with wig, eyes were made of celluloid, glass, or metal sleep eyes, feathered eyebrows and painted long lashes, and its mouth was open with molded teeth showing.  The typical mark on the doll was “Fulper Made in USA”.

Collectors of Fulper Pottery Company’s dolls may be able to find exceptionally crafted dolls with high value from their character baby dolls made of bisque and dolly face composition body dolls.  Interested collectors can also find good high quality Fulper pieces from online auctions which would sometimes be tagged under another doll manufacturer’s label.

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The Dolls Of Fulper Pottery Company

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The Dolls Of Fulper Pottery Company

This article was published on 2012/08/13