What Makes Lee Middleton Dolls Special

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This article compares Middleton Doll Company with another leading doll company and explains why it is a leader in the doll manufacturing world. Middleton Doll Company is known for its outstanding baby dolls. These dolls have the baby skin touch, which was created and patented by the late Lee Middleton. All dolls are made of this high quality vinyl, except the Breath of Life Babies which is made with soft-to-the-touch lifelike vinyl. Most of these dolls are 19 – 22 inches and are baby and toddler dolls. In 2003, the company added a “Classic Miniature” line, which is a miniaturized version of popular, previously produced dolls. These classic miniatures are all 9 inches tall.

Middleton Doll is a young company, relatively speaking, compared to the Madame Alexander Doll Company for example, which is at least eighty-five years old. Middleton Doll is celebrating its thirty-first year in 2009. Madame Alexander was the first to bring baby doll features to the market with collectible babies and play dolls. Lee Middleton’s patent of the Baby Skin vinyl was a breakthrough in the quality of collectible vinyl dolls. Madame Alexander was the first to create character dolls of popular motion picture and story book characters, and the first to honor living people. Middleton Doll is now presenting theme series representing flowers, moods and ‘tudes, storybook series, days of the week, birthstones, little sophisticates, yesteryear treasures, and the language of flowers (the Victorian tradition of sending messages to friends and loved ones through flowers.)

Unlike other doll companies such as Adora, Tonner, and Madame Alexander, Middleton Dolls are baby and toddler dolls. These dolls appeal to a wide audience with children and doll collectors. Middleton is known most for its limited edition collectible dolls. The Middleton NOW dolls are quality collector dolls with open editions. These dolls are for children three years of age and older. The Middleton PlayBaby baby dolls are age appropriate and reflect the stages of a young girl’s physical and character development. These dolls are made for ages 0+ through age 4+.

As you can see, Middleton Dolls are special because they are quality dolls that appeal to all ages of doll admirers. The company offers a wonderful aura of dolls for everyday use and for special collection. Even though Middleton Doll is young, it has become a leader in the baby doll field with new and innovative ideas which compliment an older and more established doll maker. These qualities make Middleton Doll a real leader in the doll provider world.

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What Makes Lee Middleton Dolls Special

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This article was published on 2009/04/03